Our amazing volunteers are the backbone of this campaign, and John Sorgatz is an example of the dedication that the 47th Ward is famous for. We met a couple of months ago during one of my many door-knocking excursions. We hit it off right off the bat and have knocked many more since then.

How long have you called the 47th home?

I have lived in the 47th ward for over 25 years. Many things have changed in that time and most have been for the better. Our schools have improved at every level. Parents now can choose a school that fits their child’s needs.

Why did you decide to join the Negron for 47 team?

Michael has an encyclopedic knowledge of the city and how it operates. I had the pleasure of going door to door circulating nominating petitions with Michael and heard him answering voters questions and concerns. With each answer Michael showed a deep understanding of our city government and solutions to problems that have been tried in other cities.

What are your hopes for the Ward?

I love our communities. We have so much good going for us, and I just hope the Ward keeps improving and building on the past successes.

What’s the best part of volunteering for the team?

It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to meet interesting people who share my hopes to improve the City. We’ve got a lot of great, interesting people in this ward.

If you want to volunteer for the campaign, reach out to us on our website! Check out http://negronfor47.com/get-involved/