I am a husband, father of two, and a born-and-raised Chicagoan committed to raising my family in the 47th ward. I am running for alderman to ensure that families in the 47th ward can continue to thrive here with safe, walkable streets, easy access to public transit, strong public schools, and vibrant parks and recreational spaces.

I am a product of the American Dream, born into a union household in the Humboldt Park neighborhood, and the son of immigrants. I would not be where I am if not for the dedication of my parents and college scholarships and financial aid made available through federal programs and the U.S. Navy. I have had the privilege of working in public service for nearly 15 years: as an Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, as a staffer for Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and President Barack Obama, and at City Hall under Mayor Rahm Emanuel and working with Alderman Ameya Pawar and others on local issues. I have been on the front lines in moving forwarding some of Chicago’s most pressing issues, such as raising the minimum wage, providing paid sick leave to all workers, expanding affordable housing, investing in our schools, and providing legal defense for undocumented immigrants.

The neighborhoods of the 47th ward are great places to live and raise a family. More must be done to ensure that we maintain and enhance the things that make these neighborhoods so great. Our neighborhood schools need to be able to offer the highest quality curriculum, including the arts and extra-curricular programs parents have every right to expect. More and more families are feeling squeezed by rising home prices, taxes and the costs of living in the city. These costs hit retirees the hardest. Small business owners are concerned about rising rents, increased cost of doing business, and maintaining foot traffic along commercial corridors.

As 47th ward alderman, I will work to invest in our neighborhood schools, improve our parks and infrastructure, advocate for quality city services and enhanced public safety, while fighting to ensure that Chicago is a city of opportunity for all.